The V90 Diesel Locomotive

The V90 Diesel Locomotive

By Roger Heid



Maerklin Model 37906 (V90)

This particular type of Diesel locomotive I never had any close encounters with other than seeing a few, here and there, from some distance. Much can be written about the venerable V90 and all the subsequent versions. I will not go into all the lengthy details.

The first V90 saw the light of day in 1964. It is of the Diesel Hydraulic ilk. It was originally intended for heavy shunting duty, but it could also handle moderate freight service over distance. Initially, it came in a red livery, later it also came in blue. Early versions did not sport side handrails; some later versions did.


Maerklin Model  37907  (BR 290)

During the following years, it saw a number of changes and updates. Typical versions mustered about 900 hp and could do 45-50 mph. Subsequent names were BR 290, 291, 294, 295 and 296. They were built by several different manufacturers and could be seen all over Germany and other European countries. With some variations, all versions look very much alike. The later versions are still in service today; some early specimens wound up in museums.



At one point, in order to increase pulling power, they were run in tandem, using radio control. This consist was referred to as the 6400 series.

images (2)

In my collection, you will find both; a BR 295 and a 6400 series consist. They work very well, and I use them a lot. Both are great performers.


Maerklin Model 37905 (NLA)


Maerklin Model 37976


Here is a look inside the cockpit of a BR 295.




For you DC 2-rail modelers, Trix is offering an appropriate  model.


Trix Model 22290

So, there you have it. Like I mentioned before, much more could be written about all the intricate details of the development and history of this truly remarkable diesel locomotive. If you are modeling Eras III – VI, you should consider to get at least one of these locos. You shall not regret it.


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