By Roger Heid


For a change, I will address a train of very recent vintage. This is a very modern Rail Bus of sorts. It is called LINT. This stands for ‘Leichter Innovativer Nahverkehrs Triebwagen’, meaning light innovative local transport rail car.


This type of train was first introduced in the late 1990s. It is currently in service in Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Luxemburg and Italy, as far as I know. It even operates in Canada. In Germany, it is known as the BR 648. Usually, the top speed is about 120 km/h or 73 mph. However, as far as I know, there are faster variants.


It typically consists of two cars that are connected via a Jakobs Truck. When two cars are coupled together, they will share the same truck as you can see in the illustrations. In some areas, longer versions of the train can be seen. I was told the ride is very smooth; the interior is very roomy. The seats, however, leave a bit to be desired. They are somewhat uncomfy. Most of them even have bicycle racks installed. How convenient that is!

download (1)

Now, this train is something I never saw in the real world; I never rode in it.  However, after I saw the Maerklin  version of this model on the REI web site, some time ago, it immediately appealed to me. So I went ahead and bought it. It has an mfx decoder with sound and it boasts factory installed interior lights. It runs very smoothly, and the interior lighting looks beautiful.


As a rule, I model Eras I, II and III. So it looks a little out place, on my layout, but I still enjoy it a lot. Occasionally, I take an imaginary trip in it. Sometimes I wished I could temporarily shrink myself down to HO scale.

If you model Eras V and VI, it is a must have. Maerklin re-introduced it for 2014, in a different livery. Trix offers a 2-rail DC version.


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