The E 194 Electric Locomotive

The E 194 Electric Locomotive

By Roger Heid


This locomotive started out as the Class E 93. In 1933, the line between Stuttgart and Ulm was electrified. The Geislingen Grade was part of that line. A powerful electric locomotive was needed to negotiate the grade with heavy freight loads. This led to the development of the E 93. AEG and BBC made 18 samples between 1933 and 1937. Axle configuration was Co’Co’. Top speed approx. 43 mph.

download (1)300px-BR193-008

After some significant improvements and revamping, the Class E 94 emerged. She was able to do 62 mph. Subsequently, several manufacturers produced a total of 231 between 1940 and 1956.


After WW II, the West German DB re-designated them E 194; the East German DR dubbed them E 254. All samples operating in Austria were referred to as Class 1020. Retirement: DB 1988, DR 1991, Austria 1995.

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This very successful locomotive had nicknames. In some areas they called her ‘Deutsches Krokodil  (German Crocodile), in other places they were known as ‘Gruenes Krokodil’ (Green Crocodile). In East Germany they were the ‘Eisenschwein’ (Iron Pig). In Austria they sported a red livery, and, as far as I know, they had no nickname other than German Crocodile.

On several occasions, I got a glimpse of these beasts. I’ve seen them pull both, freight and passenger trains. They were fast; they looked like they were the queen of the tracks. I was always impressed. I may get one.

Maerklin and Roco have them in their catalog as we speak. (Mar 2015)


Left: Maerklin  37220  DR  E 254 ‘Iron Pig’    Right: Maerklin 37223  OBB Class 1020


Left: Maerklin 37228 DB E 194    Right: Roco  72344  DB  E 194


 ESU  31120  E94

This model can be run on AC  3-rail  or DC 2-rail systems. It features a plug-in pick up shoe.  The interior lights can be turned on or off.  The pantographs conduct power and can be raised and lowered via remote control. Selectable power pick up. Built in UPS capacitor for reliable operation even on dirty tracks and extensive switch arrangements.  New for 2015.  Expected delivery 2nd quarter 2015.

The REI web site for ESU is currently undergoing expansion. If interested call Reynaulds for price information. It is on my wish list. I have seen them many times.

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  1. Johnc563 says:

    I like this post, enjoyed this one thankyou for posting . eafaedbefffe

  2. Ulrich Albrecht says:


    Here is a little unknown piece of information about the famous incline at Geislingen: It was actually completely unnecessary to built such a steep incline. However, Württemberg was an independent kingdom at the time, and the most reasonable route would have required that the line crosses over into Bavarian territory (shocking idea). Because of similar reasons, the line from Lindau to Munich has a large number of tight curves. It was operated by the Bavarian State railroad, and had to stay within the very narrow corridor linking Bavaria with Lake Constance.


  3. Peter M. says:

    Good post, the E 194 is on e of my favorite electric traction locomotives. The lines and the utilitarian look is very handsome, I especially like the Marklin black model.

  4. Peter says:

    thanks for the information

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