The DBAG Class 145/146 Electric Locomotives

The DBAG Class 145/146 Electric Locomotives

By Roger Heid


For a change, let us take a brief look at a very modern locomotive, namely the Class 145 and 146 Electric Locomotives. They were produced by Adtranz, a company that was the result of a merger between Mercedes Benz and ABB in 1996. Adtranz was later acquired by Bombardier. Between the two classes, a total of 134 were delivered between 1997 and 2002. They were the predecessor of the Bombardier Traxx locomotives.

The Class 145 was intended for medium freight service, first for the DB Cargo, later Railion and DB Schenker. A total of 103 were built, 80 of them for the DB AG; 17 specimens were purchased by various private leasing companies. Top speed is rated at 87 mph.

Also, 6 samples, designated Re 486, were delivered to the Mittelthurgau Bahn, a private Swiss railroad company which went bankrupt in 2002. Subsequently, the SBB Cargo purchased all 6 of them and re-designated them Re481. In 2005, they were sold to private leasing companies.

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The Class 146 was designed for fast passenger service (DB Regio). Some of the internal technical features were modified to make it faster. Top speed is a hefty 100 mph. Initially, Adtranz delivered 31 specimens, but in August 2012, 32 more were ordered from Bombardier. That’s about all there is to it.

For all I know, they are still in production. By now, newer versions are called Bombardier Traxx, as mentioned above.



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