Roco Steam locomotive BR 10 002, sound, DB

Roco Steam locomotive BR 10 002, sound, DB

Roco 62193 - Steam locomotive BR 10 002, sound, DB      Includes a digital decoder and sound effects

A WORLD’S FIRST: Dynamic steam emission by Roco! Digitally controlled steam emission! Seemingly realistic long lasting smoke clouds. For the first time steam emerges from the cylinders!

Prototype: Steam locomotive type 10 001 of the German Railways (DB). Wheel arrangement 2′C1′h2. In delivery condition for the 1950′s.

Service: Heavy express and stopping trains. The model is a complete reconstruction. Finely detailed appearance with multiple added pieces and metal wheel sets. With triple headlight and 2 red LED tail lights. Applicable minimum radius 419mm. Overall length: 305mm

The model additionally features (compared to item no 62190) an extensive digital equipment with smoke generator, sound decoder and speakers. Those functions as well as further lighting effects such as the illumination of the driving mechanism and driver’s cab or a white/red light change can be activated separately on both sides of the locomotive via a PluX interface.



Also check out 68193 – our AC Roco Steam Locomotive.



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