Roco/Fleischmann SmartRail

Give your locomotive a workout!

Experience your analog or digital locomotives like never before!

SmartRail is the perfect gift for the man or woman that has everything!!!

At first glance you may think that the smartRail looks like another roller stand but it is much more than that!! Roco/Fleischmann’s new “smartRail” is an incredible technical
innovation that will impress model railroaders and everybody who likes gadgets. With “smartRail” you can run your digital or analog locomotives. The difference between a regular roller stand and “smartRail” is having the availability to run your locomotives from any smart phone or tablet. Also with “smartRail” all the wheels on the locomotive and tender move with the built in “treadmill”. Regular roller stands only put the powered
wheels in motion leaving the non powered wheels at a standstill thus taking away from the realism of the locomotive. Another great feature “smartRail” has to offer is the ability to run analog DC and AC locomotives or Digital locomotives in DCC or Motorola format.”smartRail” also has built in controls by itself so you can run your models from the base.Most model railroaders keep their locomotives in display cases or in the closet. Overtime the oil in the locomotives harden which can cause damage to the drivetrain and motors. If you do not have a layout you should “exercise” your locomotives at least a few times a year and with “smartRail” running your locomotives is easy and fun.

Reynauld’s Euro Imports will stock all the “smartRail” sets.Some sets are already in stock!Reserve one today!!


Item #: 481372 
Fleischmann SmartRail Set with
Bavarian S3/6 (BR18.5) 
Item #: 72534 
Roco Electric locomotive Dm,
SJ, with smartRail w/sound 

Item #: 63318 
Roco Exclusive SmartRail Set with
Austrian ÖBB 310 Locomotive w/sound 

Item #: 68196 
Roco Exclusive Smartline Set with
German BR 10 Locomotive w/sound 

Item #: 481373 
Fleischmann SmartRail Set
with Prussian S10
Item #: 63319
Roco Exclusive set: smartRail
series 16 of the DRB w/sound 

Item #: 69319
Roco Exclusive set: smartRail
series 16 of the DRB AC w/sound

Item #: 62196 
Roco Exclusive Smartline Set with
German BR 10 Locomotive w/sound 

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