The BR 81 Steam Locomotive

The BR 81 Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid The Class BR 81 was introduced in 1928. It was intended to gradually replace the BR 80 which had just been introduced the year

Field Trip with our Physics Teacher

  Field Trip with our Physics Teacher By Roger Heid   In late September of 1957, our High School class was scheduled for one of those dreaded all day field trips. The

Catenary Issues Update

Catenary Issues Update By Roger Heid Some time ago, I published a blog dealing with overhead catenaries. This blog is meant to be a follow up and update to the previous dissertation.

The BR 23 Steam Locomotive

The BR 23 Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid The DRG BR 23 was conceived to be a replacement for the venerable Prussian P8, later dubbed BR 38. This was back in 1941. 

Return of the Soldiers

Return of the Soldiers By Roger Heid   In summer of 1946, after being pushed around a bit, my Mom and I finally got moved into an apartment in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. I

Christmas in July

Christmas in July Thoughts about digital starter sets   By Ernest H. Robl   Earlier this month — July 2, 2015, to be exact — I received the largest single shipment of

The DR 130 Diesel Locomotive Family

The DR 130 Diesel Locomotive Family By Roger Heid   The DR 130 family of locomotives comprises the DR Class 130 (DBAG Class 230), DR Class 131 (DBAG Class 231), DR Class 132(DBAG Class 232 as well as Classes 233, 234 and 241 produced through

Proper Oiling and Lubrication

Proper Oiling and Lubrication By Roger Heid The Squeaky Wheel It is said that the wheel that squeals the loudest gets the most grease. Well, on my model railroad layout I never

Model Railroad Signals

Model Railroad Signals By Roger Heid   Somewhere along the line you have decided to add some signals to your layout. There has been some confusion as to how to go about

Welcoming the Band

Welcoming the Band By Roger Heid   Some day during the summer of 1979, I was still in the Army, some rock band was scheduled to make appearances at a couple of