The Slow Side of the Danube

The following article was marketed to newspaper travel sections in 1995, based on a trip I made in 1993. It covers much the same area of Austria as my earlier Blog article,

The Ubiquitous Unimog

The Ubiquitous Unimog Uniquely European vehicles for your layout By Ernest H. Robl If you model any post-WW II era on your European layout, there are vehicles that will give your small-scale

Turning the Corner

Turning the Corner Trying out scenery techniques By Ernest H. Robl With the process of clearing out the room where my layout will be built being long and tedious, I’ve been working

ÖBB 1044/1144 Electric Locomotives

Modern Austrian icons 3 The ÖBB 1044/1144 Electric Locomotives By Ernest H. Robl The class 1044 Bo-Bo electric locomotive was the mainstay of Austrian (ÖBB) mainline operations on electrified mainlines during the

The Siemens Taurus Family

Modern Austrian icons 2 The Siemens Taurus Family By Ernest H. Robl Austria’s ÖBB class 1016, 1116, 1216 locomotives are part of the Siemens Taurus (Latin for Bull) family of high-performance electric

Austria’s Railjet

Modern Austrian icons 1 Austria’s Railjet By Ernest H. Robl Railjet is Austria’s premier 21st Century long-distance passenger rail service, operated by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). The official logo is all

The control tower project 2

The control tower project Organizing digital components — Part 2 By Ernest H. Robl This is the second part of an article that was split into two parts because of its length.

The control tower project 1

The control tower project Organizing digital components — Part 1 By Ernest H. Robl A recent discussion in the Reynauld’s Forum led me to take another look at using Roco digital amplifiers


Falkenstein A real castle for your layout By Ernest H. Robl Do you recognize the structure in the image below?  If you’ve browsed a Kibri catalog in the last 30 years, you

Austria’s ÖBB class 1822

Austria’s ÖBB class 1822 An orphan series that may just give you the perfect train to model By Ernest H. Robl As happens elsewhere in life, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) class