Tracks in Concrete

Tracks in Concrete A quick project with tempered fiberboard By Ernest H. Robl In many industrial areas and even at some railroad facilities, tracks are embedded in concrete, much like streetcar tracks

Austria’s 1245.5 Electrics

Austria’s 1245.5 Electrics Veteran locomotives with a rich history By Ernest H. Robl Austria’s 1245.5 series of electric boxcab locomotives never got much respect – except from the veteran locomotive engineers who

A Picture Is Worth …

A Picture Is Worth … … A second look By Ernest H. Robl In preparation for major construction on my layout, I’ve been acquiring scenic components – and in some cases partly

Tips and Things to Consider 1

Tips and Things to Consider 1 First in a series of random hints and ideas By Ernest H. Robl A somewhat random collection of thoughts and things I’ve learned along the way

A Tool Belt for Model Railroad Work

A Tool Belt for Model Railroad Work How to make one adapted to your needs By Ernest H. Robl Work on a model layout requires lots of tools, which we tend to

The C-Line #62058

The C-Line #62058 It’s not a locomotive but can still help keep your layout moving By Ernest H. Robl I’ve written before about problems with model railroad product documentation, mostly noting that

The View from the ICE

The View from the ICE A look at high-speed rail infrastructure By Ernest H. Robl In 1991, 25 years ago, I was able to arrange a ride on the engine of a

The Slow Side of the Danube

The following article was marketed to newspaper travel sections in 1995, based on a trip I made in 1993. It covers much the same area of Austria as my earlier Blog article,

The Ubiquitous Unimog

The Ubiquitous Unimog Uniquely European vehicles for your layout By Ernest H. Robl If you model any post-WW II era on your European layout, there are vehicles that will give your small-scale

Turning the Corner

Turning the Corner Trying out scenery techniques By Ernest H. Robl With the process of clearing out the room where my layout will be built being long and tedious, I’ve been working