Maerklin BR 64 with mfx+ Decoder

Maerklin BR 64 with mfx+ Decoder

By Roger Heid


Santa was so very kind to bring me another brand new Maerklin BR 64 to add to my line-up. Now, this one has an mfx+ decoder on board. So, what is an mfx+ decoder, and what does it do that the common mfx decoder cannot do?


Maerklin BR 64  (39644)

The added features require the use of a Central Station 60213/60214/60215 in conjunction with the soft ware version 2.5 or newer. The task of updating the CS software I will try to address in a future blog. I have to conduct some more precise research as there appears to be some confusion regarding this issue. If you bought a brand new CS 2 during the past two years, you don’t have to worry about this, for now.


Maerklin Central Station 2 (60215)

The mfx+ decoder allows you to operate a locomotive equipped so in four different modes:


The locomotive operates as if the mfx+ feature did not exist. Under the speedometer, only the wrench icon is visible.

Semi Pro

In addition to the wrench icon there is now an icon depicting a diesel fuel pump. There is also a text line indicating the fuel supply status. In the case of s steam locomotive this would be coal, water and sand. When depleted, they need to be replenished. This can be done anywhere on the tracks. If you let the coal or water supply run out, the locomotive will continue to run, but at a mere crawl pace.


Now a third icon shows up. It looks like a stylized image of the front of some diesel locomotive. Touching or clicking on this new icon will transfer you into the engineer’s cab. After some experimenting you will now be able to drive the locomotive by using the elements on the screen and the two CS control knobs. There are several interesting visual effects involved in all this. You can switch between the cab and the standard control panel at any time. The fuel replenishment is handled as in the Semi Pro mode.


Bremsventil means Brake Valve


This mode adds a little spice to the whole affair. It is geared for the advanced modeler. Here you can assign one or more track sections to designate refueling points. In this case you actually have to drive the locomotive to a location where the water towers, coal bunkers, diesel pumps and sand bins are at. You can no longer replenish supplies anywhere on the tracks. To accomplish this you need contact tracks and a feedback module (decoder) such as the s88; plus you need to have the knowledge how to install and wire these items.


When you first place the locomotive on the tracks, it will go through the normal mfx self registration process. By default, it will land on the Semi Pro mode. You can change the modes by accessing the loco parameters, namely touching the wrench icon. On the bottom right of this screen you will see where it is at.

Before you make any mode changes, I highly recommend you become familiar with the functions available on the loco parameter screen and the features the Semi Pro mode offers.

This blog is not intended to teach you every single aspect of mfx+ operation. The availability of features varies with different locomotive types and models. The owner’s manuals will give you a good insight, but they do not contain everything. It is presumed you know how to handle and operate your CS.

This blog is meant to give you an idea what you can expect from an mfx+ decoder and what the requirements are. If you run into problems we will deal with them on a case to case basis.

Please, do NOT post questions in the blog system. Instead, go to the Forum and post your question(s) under the appropriate topic.

Thank you.






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