Josef Brandl’s “Black Forest Layout”

Josef Brandl’s “Black Forest Layout”

REYNAULDS.COM presents a video on one of Josef Brandl’s best layouts the “Hochschwarzwald” (Black Forest) HO layout. The “Hochschwarzwald” layout is one of the finest and most detailed layouts in the world built and created by Master Layout Builder Josef Brandl and Thomas Oswald owner of MBZ Structures. It is very rare to see an actual video on a Josef Brandl layout, so we are very excited to share this opportunity with our loyal cusotmers. Together these two masters created the incredible “Hochschwarzwald” (Black Forest) layout owned by Dieter Bertelsmann. The Layouts took many years to complete and it is considered one of Josef Brandl’s best layouts. Mr. Bertelsmann vision was to have a layout created in the 1920′s era depicting life and how it was at that time in the Black Forest region of Germany. The little villages and towns in the layout actually exist and were the towns and villages where Mr. Bertelmann’s grew up in as a child. The track, signals and turnouts on the layout were all handmade because they needed to look exactly like the original. Manufactures on the market today do not produce these items accurately so everything had to be built from scratch.
Another massive job was to create all the model structures which existed in the towns and villages. Over 100 structures were build by MBZ, using Laser technology. Each structure was built from original blue prints, it took years of research and development to create all the structures. Reynauld’s offers all the MBZ structures on the layout, click here to view our MBZ section
The scenery on the layout it is simply remarkable, every tree was handmade by Mr. Brandl because no manufacture produces tree’s that look this realistic. The layout is simply a master piece, so much time and effort was spent to create the “Hochschwarzwald” layout that we can go on and on about it but watching the video will give you a better idea of how magnificent this layout really is.
The video was created by our friend Vikas Chander from India, Mr Chander is also a master model railroader who has also created an incredible German Deutsche Bundesbahn layout called Abendstern, which we will presenting soon. Mr. Chander did an amazing job filming this layout, it might just be the best layout filming of any layout on Youtube. To visit Mr. Chanders website click here

Reynaulds offers publications on all of famous Josef Brandl layouts, the publications are so inspiring because Josef Brandl is simply a master artist. To view our selection click here…
Last but not least we offer all the Locomotives & Cars which you see running on the layout. Most of the locomotives and cars are offered by Brawa, Liliput, and Trix. To view them check out our incredible website

We hope you enjoy the video, we feel that it is one of the best model train videos currently on youtube.

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