Gifts for Kids: Fundamentally Speaking

Gifts For Kids: Fundamentally Speaking

By Roger Heid


It comes to mind that the current generation of children is inundated with all the market offerings of items relating to computer technology, such as video games, smart phones and the likes. If you know all the key strokes, you can do all kinds of things, useful or not. I know of families where you can’t keep the kids off the computer, rain or shine. They don’t play anymore like we used to do, in my generation, so some folks say.

The only tool they seem to be familiar with is a keyboard. Me, I am 71 years old, and I do know my way around computers. I use them daily, unlike some others of my generation, who flat out refuse to use a computer. Oh, well, what can I say? Each to their own! But I still know how to play, nevertheless. I haven’t forgotten.

Whether all this is an actual social dilemma is not up to me to judge. Is this a form of generation gap? Well, this phenomenon has actually existed throughout many generations, in the past. It just seems, that with the advent of home use computers during the latter 1980’s, this situation has rapidly grown worse, like never seen before within such a relatively short period of time.

If you are a Dad or a Grandpa or such, concerned with these issues, I suggest you consider gifting the offspring at hand with an electric model railroad, maybe a starter kit. This is a technical item, requiring hands on operation, resulting in tangible results. This will, most likely, expand their imagination, not being strictly bound to a keyboard, plus it allows expansion into computer technology related issues. Of course, there certainly other alternatives to choose from.




There was a time when it was quite in vogue for a boy to get a train for Christmas, as you older blog readers probably remember quite well. I still remember, don’t you know. I was blessed with such a gift, way back when. I still play with it and enjoy it, to this day.


Friends of mine have a 12 year old son who would spend hours on end playing computer games, sometimes interrupted by texting lengthily with numerous friends. This last Christmas, he got a model railroad starter kit which, since then, has undergone quite some expansion. Now he finds the video games somewhat boring. He spends a lot more time with his railroad and the associated kits he puts together, apparently having a lot of fun.



You may give this some thought. There is a very good chance you will not regret going that route. You may even enjoy it yourself, which is typical.


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