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Cupolas on Baggage Cars

Cupolas on Baggage Cars By Roger Heid   You may have noticed that some baggage cars have a cupola, others do not. If they do, what is it for, where in the

What is a Doodlebug?

What is a Doodlebug? By Roger Heid   Have you ever heard of a ‘Doodlebug’? No, it is not some silly insect. Doodlebug is an American slang word for a self-propelled rail

What is a Mallet?

What is a Mallet Steam Locomotive? By Roger Heid   Some folks are under the impression that a Mallet is a specific type engine with the wheel configuration 0-D+D-0 or 2×4/4, such

What is a ‘Big Boy’?

What is a ‘Big Boy’? By Roger Heid   Someone who knows I am dabbling with railroads asked me what a Big Boy is. I knew he wasn’t talking about some Hamburger