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Stein am Berg, Part 1

  Stein am Berg, Part 1 A small tribute By Ernest H. Robl One of the many ways we personalize our layouts is how we name things – towns, stations, industries, etc.

The Big Screwdrivers …

The Big Screwdrivers … And other memories of Vienna transit By Ernest H. Robl My parents never owned a car until we came to the United States in the second half of

The Slow Side of the Danube

The following article was marketed to newspaper travel sections in 1995, based on a trip I made in 1993. It covers much the same area of Austria as my earlier Blog article,

Field Trip with our Physics Teacher

  Field Trip with our Physics Teacher By Roger Heid   In late September of 1957, our High School class was scheduled for one of those dreaded all day field trips. The

Return of the Soldiers

Return of the Soldiers By Roger Heid   In summer of 1946, after being pushed around a bit, my Mom and I finally got moved into an apartment in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. I

Welcoming the Band

Welcoming the Band By Roger Heid   Some day during the summer of 1979, I was still in the Army, some rock band was scheduled to make appearances at a couple of

Summertime Memories

Summer Time Memories By Roger Heid   It was a fine day in summer of 1956, when our teacher announced we would all go on a very nice field trip, from here

The Unexpected Feed Bag

The Unexpected Feed Bag By Roger Heid   This was in spring of 1981. I was still with Uncle Sam, doing my patriotic chores. One of those nasty Field Exercises was about

Romance on the Train IV

Romance on the Train IV By Roger Heid   Conclusion A few days later, on a Sunday, all four of them rang my door bell. The doggie was here too. He immediately

Romance on the Train III

Romance on the Train III By Roger Heid   Continuation A local garage band opened up right around 5 pm. I knew all five of them. I would fix their amplifiers when