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150 Years over the Brenner

150 Years Over the Brenner by Rail Austria marks an anniversary with a special locomotive scheme By Ernest H. Robl Unlike in the United States, where a single event — the driving

ÖBB’s 2068 Diesel Switchers

ÖBB’s 2068 Diesel Switchers A homely locomotive that still has its charms By Ernest H. Robl Austria’s 2068 diesel switchers look somewhat out of place among the many elegant pieces of motive

ÖBB Loco Numbering

ÖBB Loco Numbering Making sense of Austrian class numbers By Ernest H. Robl People have asked me, both here and elsewhere, how the Austrian (primarily ÖBB) locomotive numbering scheme works. I thought

Austria’s 1245.5 Electrics

Austria’s 1245.5 Electrics Veteran locomotives with a rich history By Ernest H. Robl Austria’s 1245.5 series of electric boxcab locomotives never got much respect – except from the veteran locomotive engineers who

ÖBB 1044/1144 Electric Locomotives

Modern Austrian icons 3 The ÖBB 1044/1144 Electric Locomotives By Ernest H. Robl The class 1044 Bo-Bo electric locomotive was the mainstay of Austrian (ÖBB) mainline operations on electrified mainlines during the

The Siemens Taurus Family

Modern Austrian icons 2 The Siemens Taurus Family By Ernest H. Robl Austria’s ÖBB class 1016, 1116, 1216 locomotives are part of the Siemens Taurus (Latin for Bull) family of high-performance electric

Austria’s ÖBB class 1822

Austria’s ÖBB class 1822 An orphan series that may just give you the perfect train to model By Ernest H. Robl As happens elsewhere in life, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) class

The BR 81 Steam Locomotive

The BR 81 Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid The Class BR 81 was introduced in 1928. It was intended to gradually replace the BR 80 which had just been introduced the year

The BR 23 Steam Locomotive

The BR 23 Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid The DRG BR 23 was conceived to be a replacement for the venerable Prussian P8, later dubbed BR 38. This was back in 1941. 

The DR 130 Diesel Locomotive Family

The DR 130 Diesel Locomotive Family By Roger Heid   The DR 130 family of locomotives comprises the DR Class 130 (DBAG Class 230), DR Class 131 (DBAG Class 231), DR Class 132(DBAG Class 232 as well as Classes 233, 234 and 241 produced through