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The C-Line #62058

The C-Line #62058 It’s not a locomotive but can still help keep your layout moving By Ernest H. Robl I’ve written before about problems with model railroad product documentation, mostly noting that

Interior Car Lighting and Marker Lights

Interior Car Lighting and Marker Lights By Roger Heid   Not much has been written about interior car lights and end-of train (EOT) marker lights. Some people outright dislike interior lighting for

Catenary Issues Update

Catenary Issues Update By Roger Heid Some time ago, I published a blog dealing with overhead catenaries. This blog is meant to be a follow up and update to the previous dissertation.

Christmas in July

Christmas in July Thoughts about digital starter sets   By Ernest H. Robl   Earlier this month — July 2, 2015, to be exact — I received the largest single shipment of

Proper Oiling and Lubrication

Proper Oiling and Lubrication By Roger Heid The Squeaky Wheel It is said that the wheel that squeals the loudest gets the most grease. Well, on my model railroad layout I never

Model Railroad Signals

Model Railroad Signals By Roger Heid   Somewhere along the line you have decided to add some signals to your layout. There has been some confusion as to how to go about

Double decker passenger cars in Europe

Double decker passenger cars in Europe   By Ernest H. Robl   While double-decker passenger equipment, Amtrak Superliner cars, are a familiar sight to much of America, particularly in areas west of

Digital Operation of Maerklin M-Track Turnouts

Digital Operation of Maerklin M-Track Turnouts By Roger Heid Technical Advisor: Preben Karlsmark   This is not an easy article to write, simply because the subject matter is controversial. There is way

German Railroad Signals

German Railroad Signals By Ulrich Albrecht     1.         Introduction Signaling on German railroads is a complicated chapter which could easily fill several books.  Therefore, I will just give an outline

What is a Digital Decoder?

What is a Digital Decoder? By Roger Heid   This article addresses all those who are new to digital systems and may not have any clue as to what this is about,