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Why does my locomotive not work?

Why does my locomotive not work? By Roger Heid This is one of the most frequently asked questions, by beginners and advanced users alike. The question reflected in the blog title is

Playing with Model Trains

Playing with Model Trains By Roger Heid   Throughout the past decades, many folks had, and still have, some kind of electric train of many sorts available. One example could be an


Transitions By Ernest H. Robl   The end of the year is a time for reflection on what has changed and what hasn’t. So, I thought I would share another of my

The Bavarian D XII Steam Locomotive

The Bavarian D XII Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid   During the past few years, my wife and I have, more and more, taken a liking to run very charming Era I


Progress Commentary  By Ernest H. Robl  As a journalist who wrote about and photographed prototype railroads — and told people that’s what I did — I sometimes encountered people who thought that

Gifts for Kids: Fundamentally Speaking

Gifts For Kids: Fundamentally Speaking By Roger Heid   It comes to mind that the current generation of children is inundated with all the market offerings of items relating to computer technology,