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The First Railroad in Germany

The First Railroad in Germany By Roger Heid When I say ‘Railroad’, I mean one or more cars being pulled by a steam or otherwise powered locomotive running on iron or steel

Playing Santa Claus

Playing Santa Claus By Roger Heid During a recent Christmas Party, some joker brought up the old adage that a man goes through three distinct stages. First he believes in Santa Claus,

Memoirs de Verdun

Memoirs de Verdun By Roger Heid   Sometime in October of 1967, Fred, a GI friend of mine, also a railroad buff, and I were leisurely taking a weekend road trip in

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories By Roger Heid All this started in 1954. I was all of 11 years old; I wish I still were. Never mind that. Well, then again, maybe I still am,

Realities of steam in winter

Brutal:  The realities of steam in winter Repost with pictures As my piece “An Austrian railroad Christmas” was well received, I thought I would share another article that resulted from that same

An Austrian Railroad Christmas

An Austrian Railroad Christmas Revised repost with pictures  A version of this story appeared in the magazine German Life in 2006.  The story is based on a trip to Austria made in

Childhood Winter Memories

Childhood Winter Memories By Roger Heid It was just about two weeks before Christmas, in the early 50s, perhaps in 1951, I think. My Mom and I had just moved to her