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Basic Wiring and Connection Techniques

Basic Wiring and Connection Techniques By Roger Heid   This article addresses all you beginners who are unfamiliar with wiring and connectors. It is not intended to teach you which wire goes

Turnouts/Switches – Analog or Digital?

Turnouts/Switches – Analog or Digital ? Pros and Cons / Installation Hints By Roger Heid This is a much disputed perennial question. There is no right answer; there is no wrong answer.

Feeder Wire Installation and Hook Up

Feeder Wire Installation and Hook Up By Roger Heid   Once your track layout expands beyond your initial starter kit, it will be advantageous to add additional feeding points to your tracks.

Soldering Equipment and Techniques

Soldering Equipment and Techniques By Roger Heid   In your quest to improve your model railroad skills and experience you might, sooner or later, try to do some soldering. You may already

Flickering Interior Car Lighting

Flickering Interior Car Lighting By Roger Heid   So you finally managed to install interior lights into a few passenger cars. Great!  Now you put the whole thing to a test, but,

Why does my locomotive not work?

Why does my locomotive not work? By Roger Heid This is one of the most frequently asked questions, by beginners and advanced users alike. The question reflected in the blog title is

HO Scale Model Railroad Couplers

HO Scale Model Railroad Couplers By Roger Heid and Ulrich Albrecht   In this blog, we will try to shed some light into couplers and the associated issues, primarily for HO Scale

Wheel and Axle Configuration

Wheel and Axle Configurations By Roger Heid   Imagine you are standing next to a steam locomotive, looking at it from the side. Depending on its type, you will see a bunch

Model Catenary Issues

Model Catenary Issues By Roger Heid Comments by Ernest Robl  Catenaries are the wires which electric locomotives are suspended from.  On the roof of an Electric Locomotive you can see some kind

Locomotive Maintenance and Lubrication

Locomotive Maintenance and Lubrication By Roger Heid   Some time ago, I had finally finished working on a fancy Era II passenger express train. All the cars were assembled; all the interior