A Blog about Blogs

A Blog about Blogs

By Roger Heid


You have noticed that I have posted several blogs describing my memories stemming from the post WW II years in Southwest Germany, in the US American occupied zone. I had many comments about this. Some were comments left under a given blog; most of them via e-mail or telephone.

So I feel prompted to put my own comment to all this. These little stories are always related to railroads in one form or another. I could write a number of stories about situations that have nothing to do with railroad related subjects. But that is beside the point.

I know that some of these memory fragments go as far back as fall of 1945. I pieced together that this wooden train I got and rejected was actually on Christmas of 1945. I can vividly imagine that those times were quite hard for adults. To me everything was ‘normal’ albeit confusing, at times. Retroactively, I consider myself lucky that I was not born some ten years earlier and that I came out alive and unscathed.

I recall that my first impressions of real world railroads included piles of bullet hole riddled junk. This made little sense to me. An inquiry with my Mom led to her changing the subject of this puerile conversation. In my blogs, I am describing a number of issues typical to the times. More issues could be elaborated on, but I want to keep all this within the perimeter of a child’s perspective and understanding; otherwise it would not be ‘memories’ but rather a historical account of these events which is certainly not the purpose of these blogs.

Sometimes, while certain train consists are whizzing around on my layout, my mind drifts back to moments from long ago. Then I take notes and put these memories to words. I am sure I will have more of these flashbacks.

Between 1945 and 1981, with a few interruptions, I have witnessed the railroad system in West Germany emerging from shambles and maturing to a modern, well functioning rail system. What a difference these 36 years made.

In the world of model railroading, I am witnessing it from back then until now, the process ongoing. What a difference all those years made. Gee, I must be getting old. Well, I am still playing with my trains.

I deliberately avoided illustrating this blog. Most pictures would be too ugly. Some things should be left behind.

What! No pictures? Look again!



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You have never reached the heights of frustration until you have attempted.

'Calling this room Shunting Yard 2 is not going to get us out of paying the bedroom tax.'

“Calling this room shunting yard is not going to get you out of paying the bedroom tax.”

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  1. Sally Karlsmark says:

    I love this Roger. How funny. Your writings are wonderful as I have read some of them. Keep playing with trains and never let go of the memories.


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