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Austria’s ÖBB class 1822

Austria’s ÖBB class 1822 An orphan series that may just give you the perfect train to model By Ernest H. Robl As happens elsewhere in life, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) class

What is a Spedition?

What is a Spedition? By Ernest H. Robl If you have an interest in relatively modern European railroading — Eras IV-VI — you will find mention in model manufacturers’ catalogs of railcars,

Pre-orders and backorders

Pre-orders and backorders Or, why can’t I get the item I want—right now? By Ernest H. Robl One of the “facts of life” I try to present to beginning model railroaders is

Josef Brandl’s “Black Forest Layout”

Josef Brandl’s “Black Forest Layout” REYNAULDS.COM presents a video on one of Josef Brandl’s best layouts the “Hochschwarzwald” (Black Forest) HO layout. The “Hochschwarzwald” layout is one of the finest and most