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Train Derailment

Train Derailment By Roger Heid   It was a day like any other, sometime in late fall of 1956. The day in school was about as dull and boring as most school

Turnouts/Switches – Analog or Digital?

Turnouts/Switches – Analog or Digital ? Pros and Cons / Installation Hints By Roger Heid This is a much disputed perennial question. There is no right answer; there is no wrong answer.

Riding the ICE

RIDING THE ICE By Gordon Preller    For those of us who grew up with the Interstate Highway system, and the convenience of having your own car when you arrived at your

Feeder Wire Installation and Hook Up

Feeder Wire Installation and Hook Up By Roger Heid   Once your track layout expands beyond your initial starter kit, it will be advantageous to add additional feeding points to your tracks.

Soldering Equipment and Techniques

Soldering Equipment and Techniques By Roger Heid   In your quest to improve your model railroad skills and experience you might, sooner or later, try to do some soldering. You may already

Flickering Interior Car Lighting

Flickering Interior Car Lighting By Roger Heid   So you finally managed to install interior lights into a few passenger cars. Great!  Now you put the whole thing to a test, but,

News Stand on the Train

News Stand on the Train By Roger Heid Back in 1952, a German tabloid called ‘Bild Zeitung’(-> Picture Newspaper) started to rapidly gain popularity, accompanied by controversy, usually stirred up by certain

The Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge By Roger Heid Nuts! Here is another war story I happened to come across. In 1981, shortly before Thanksgiving, I was discharged from the US Army. By

Trip on a V 221 Diesel Locomotive

Trip in a V 221 Diesel Locomotive By Roger Heid   In an earlier blog, I told a little story about me riding on a V 200 Diesel Locomotive. Now you need

Nuremberg Toy Fair Tour Report 2015

Nuremberg Toy Fair Tour 2015 Report By Gordon Preller I would like to thank Rey and Roman for a grand time on the Nuremburg Toy Fair/Miniatur Wunderland Tour – we had a