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Playing with Model Trains

Playing with Model Trains By Roger Heid   Throughout the past decades, many folks had, and still have, some kind of electric train of many sorts available. One example could be an

The Prussian P10 Steam Locomotive

The Prussian P 10 Steam Locomotive (BR 39) By Roger Heid   The old P10 was designed by Borsig, starting in 1919. Its purpose was to haul heavy Express passenger trains in

Cupolas on Baggage Cars

Cupolas on Baggage Cars By Roger Heid   You may have noticed that some baggage cars have a cupola, others do not. If they do, what is it for, where in the

The Class K Steam Locomotive

The Class K Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid   The Class K steam loco was no small fish, and, in a way, she quite was unique. She was the only steam locomotive

The Prussian P8 Steam Locomotive

The Prussian P8 Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid   Let’s take a look at the venerable Prussian P8 steam locomotive, a true classic.  She was first introduced in 1906 by the Berliner

The Trisanna Bridge

The Trisanna Bridge An Austrian icon   By Ernest H. Robl   In the Alpine country west of Innsbruck, Austria, one of the most iconic locations, pictures of which symbolize far western