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Locomotive Maintenance and Lubrication

Locomotive Maintenance and Lubrication By Roger Heid   Some time ago, I had finally finished working on a fancy Era II passenger express train. All the cars were assembled; all the interior

The Prussian S 10 Steam Locomotive

The Prussian S 10 Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid   During the first decade of the 20th century, a shortage and lack of powerful steam engines for passenger express trains compelled the

Maerklin Transformer Issue

Maerklin Transformer Issue By Roger Heid   Here is an issue that has popped up, here and there. I will devote this blog to clarification of an issue with the analog Maerklin

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories By Roger Heid All this started in 1954. I was all of 11 years old; I wish I still were. Never mind that. Well, then again, maybe I still am,

Realities of steam in winter

Brutal:  The realities of steam in winter Repost with pictures As my piece “An Austrian railroad Christmas” was well received, I thought I would share another article that resulted from that same

The Importance of Track Cleaning

The Importance of Track Cleaning By Roger Heid   If you have been with this hobby for some time, you have certainly become familiar with the black goo or gunk that builds

The Bavarian S 2/6 Steam Locomotive

The Bavarian S 2/6 Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid There was only one built, by Maffei in Munich, Bavaria, in 1906. She was the first German made locomotive implementing a cast steel

An Austrian Railroad Christmas

An Austrian Railroad Christmas Revised repost with pictures  A version of this story appeared in the magazine German Life in 2006.  The story is based on a trip to Austria made in

Admiring a BR 01 Steam Locomotive

Admiring a BR 01 Steam Engine By Roger Heid   During spring break in 1958, I took a train to Mannheim to visit relatives. They had invited me to spend the Easter

Childhood Winter Memories

Childhood Winter Memories By Roger Heid It was just about two weeks before Christmas, in the early 50s, perhaps in 1951, I think. My Mom and I had just moved to her