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European Intermodal 2

European Intermodal 2 ISO containers in Europe Revised repost with pictures  By Ernest H. Robl We’ve all seen intermodal containers.  You cannot help but see them traveling on major highways, on most

European Intermodal 1

European Intermodal 1 Swap bodies and RoLa By Ernest H. Robl Reposting with pictures   A Kalmar ContChamp reachstacker maneuvers with a P&O container after having lifted it from a chassis trailer

KoF Story Sequel

KoF Story Sequel By Roger Heid The episode involving a certain teacher of mine and a certain Kof Diesel Yard Shifter is not over with. There is more to come, wouldn’t you

Having Fun with a KoF Yard Shifter

Having Fun with a KoF Yard Shifter By Roger Heid   Right in front of the High School I attended during the mid 50s and early 60s, in West Germany, there was

Gensets in Europe

Gensets in Europe By Ernest H. Robl Revised repost with pictures I’m always trying to understand the “why” behind various railroad developments, so, when I saw the unusual shape of the new

Meeting a BR 39 Steam Locomotive

Meeting a BR 39 Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid   Back in summer of 1967, I needed to go on another business trip. This time from Stuttgart to Hamburg, which is quite

Black Forest Trip with a BR 85 Steam Locomotive

Black Forest Trip with a BR 85 Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid   In summer of 1958, my school class and I went on a field trip through the Black Forest, a

What is a Mallet?

What is a Mallet Steam Locomotive? By Roger Heid   Some folks are under the impression that a Mallet is a specific type engine with the wheel configuration 0-D+D-0 or 2×4/4, such

Fireless Steam Locomotive

Fireless Steam Locomotive By Roger Heid   A long time ago, when I first heard about a ‘Fireless’ Steam Locomotive, I had to pinch myself to confirm that I was not hallucinating


The LINT By Roger Heid   For a change, I will address a train of very recent vintage. This is a very modern Rail Bus of sorts. It is called LINT. This