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Another ‘Great Escape’

Another ‘Great Escape’ By Roger Heid Once  I knew a man, by the name of Karl, an ex-Wehrmacht soldier. He told me this story sometime in the mid-late 1950s. He was quite

Prank on the Railroad

Prank on the Railroad By Roger Heid   Once again, Halloween is upon us. Very scary! This reminds me of an incident on the commuter train, on the way home from school,

The Unexpected Train Ride

The Unexpected Train Ride By Roger Heid   This little adventure took place in early spring of 1966. I was no longer a High School student. I had been working in the

Tank cars and Hazmat cargoes: Part 2

Tank cars and Hazmat cargoes:  Part 2   By Ernest H. Robl   In the previous installment, we looked at some of the basics of tank cars and their hazardous materials.  In

Chasing a train by train

Chasing a train by train The story behind a couple of my favorite photos By Ernest H. Robl In my home, I have two different large prints of photos of Austrian steam