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Early beginnings

Early beginnings  By Ernest H. Robl   People ask me how I first became interested in railroads—and, of course, model railroads. On reflection in recent years, I’ve come to the conclusion that

European rail concepts

European Rail Concepts   By Ernest H. Robl     Railroads in both the U.S. and Europe fulfill the same basic functions, moving people and freight. How they do it, and, most

Electrification and modeling

Electrification and modeling By Ernest H. Robl In a previous installment, we looked at why most European railroad main lines are electrified.  This time around, we’ll look at what implications this has

More Maerklin DCC Features

More Maerklin DCC features By Preben Karlsmark   After you have gained some experience with the Maerklin DCC System, you might want to take a closer look at more available options. It