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Introduction to Basic Electricity

Introduction to Basic Electricity By Roger & Wynn Heid   There is no such thing as a ‘Typical Model Railroader’. They come in all forms and guises. Most of us know this.

Equipment and Tools

Equipment and Tools By Roger Heid   So you decided you really like this hobby, and you want to get more into it and out of it. In the meantime, you found

Couplers at Large!

Couplers at Large ! By Roger Heid   Since the dawning of model railroading, coupler issues have been haunting the community of model railroaders. When you are new to this hobby, you

Converting to DCC

Converting to DCC By Roger Heid   There are a great number of folks out there who got started with model railroading a long time ago, possibly as far back as the

All about power supplies

All about Power Supplies and Packs By Roger Heid Technical Advisor: Ulrich Albrecht     Believe me, this is a more complex issue than what you might expect, at first glance. There